Enerfac Solutions is a multilateral conglomerate, predominantly dealing with Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Project Management, Industrial Services and Information Technology. Enerfac, one of the fastest growing organizations in the world, integrates innovative IT solutions with conventional EPC business. An uncompromising dedication to global safety and quality standards in its business conduct has contributed to Enerfac’s consistent growth and stability.

We mainly focus on Oil & Gas, Refineries, Chemical, Petrochemical, Solar, Water, and Power businesses. Our expert team provides integrated smart solutions by digitizing engineering. Digitization will be one of the key drivers of revenue growth and profitability in any industry.

Our global presence in USA, UK, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and India by strategic alliances and technology transfer enable us to provide our clients the most expert and tailored solutions. Our alliances’ capabilities complement our comprehensive portfolio of consulting services and smart solutions.


We believe transparency in the workplace improves productivity, stimulate innovation and enhance employee and customer satisfaction.


We foster collaboration, mutual respect and empathy to motivate our team members who deliver value to our customers.


We believe diversity inspires creativity and empower people with numerous opportunities thereby helping them to discover how they can make an impact.

Continuous Improvement

We actively listen to ideas and feedbacks from our team members and clients to improve operational excellence.


In this digital era, conventional way of EPCC business will be a relic of the past. We digitally transform your business operations and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our latest digital innovations and approach can easily be integrated into any organization and transform your entire workflow process digitally to add value to your customers.